23 juni, 2020

FREE Truly Liberty® Online Workshop

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Do you whish to build a deep bond with your horse and develop true harmony, connection and partnership with your horse at Liberty?

In this FREE workshop you will learn The Language Of Horses and the first steps to create a deep bond and a genuine connection based on horses freedom of choice and their natural herd rituals, without the use of tack, tools, tricks, treats, pressure or coersion.

It is based on horses’ communication system and interconnection rituals that are natural for horses. And through the language of horse´s and their true nature we can learn to communicate and dance with them through a deep connection.

The Liberty that the horse shows us is truly a gift, because it comes from the bond and the deep friendship we share with the horse.

The secret is that when the horse is at liberty he has the freedom to say no and leave us. Through the freedom and the respect we give to the horse it causes a horse to bond naturally and have the desire to be with us and follow our lead without the use of ropes, pressure, force or conditioning.

By communicating with horses through their natural herd instincts in a language they understand and resonates with, we create a leadership horses is drawn to and chooses to follow.

You’ll learn how you can develop a deep bond that unfold a magical performance and the secrets of how to begin the horse’s education in freedom through Connection, Energy and Body Language.

A truly relationship based horse communication there you learn to communicate through a bond that is built on mutual trust and respect there the horse has the freedom to choose.

Working the horse at liberty is a journey in self realization and opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities between you and your horse. It transcends anything you thought possible.

No matter what problems you might have, weater you have a young or old horse, a shy, spooky, nervous or dominant horse or anything in between, this works for all horses because it is their language.

Start the first steps to build a deep bond and friendship with the horse towards your dream relationship and the magical dance with horses!

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