9 May, 2019

After the statue of work will work at hand which is made in the initial work on a horse, trained for and cordeo physical contact as preparation for training and riding. Work at hand means that you work the horse from the ground and prepares it for riding. The schools taught only from the ground so it will be much easier for the horse under saddle.

From here develops light helps – “The Art of Lightness™“. The horse at our, over a communications tool, a thin twig or long bamboo stick and teach the horse the AIDS we will use on the ground, and that later in the programme is transferred to the riding.

Bamboo stick/twig is an important aid in education. It works like a baton, a conductor who leads the Orchestra and as an artist’s paintbrush that we create art with. It is an extension of the arm and assist in bringing awareness to the muscles, movements and relaxation so that the horse can learn to move in a more healthy way.

There is no “press and remission” method but instead of putting pressure on the horse learn to work with feeling by stimulation and fine nuances of vibration, light touch/touchering from fingertips or from the light bamboo stick/twig.

The horse is asked to move with lateral flexion of the body while the horse places the inner hoof under gravity. Because of the stretchade outer muscles, release tension in the horse’s back, and it moves in a forward-downward position. This is done in all three gaits in different educational levels and from both sides.

It is important to spend a lot of time with healthy longeringsövningar before riding the horse so it is well balanced and can carry a rider. It needs time to first build agility, develop muscle and find straightness and balance in all gaits.

With cavessonen gymnastiseras horse in both directions through a curve along the spine and the horse enters to carry themselves with their inner hind legs. When tipping the pelvis and spine välvs upwards. This is a very important preparation for later able to carry a rider’s weight.

During the horse’s training in the work at hand, used a cavesson and a long rein or rope on the muzzle for initial school exercises, as well as with two reins for refinement or advanced school exercises. Like to ride the horse from the ground.