Anneli Westlund is the founder of the concept of Relationship based Art of Riding® with The Art of Lightness™ – where the relationship begins with the horse free without tack, tools, roundpens, tricks, treats, pressure or coercion. It develops further to In Hand-work and Bitless Classical Dressage.

Working horses without pressure-release methods/negative reinforcement, Anneli developed around 2012 during her training in classical dressage and many years of experience in various Horsemanship methods. She started her career as a trainer in 2001.

In 2014, she was trained individually for Carolyn Resnick in the United States, who is the founder of the Liberty Training concept and a completely relationship-based horse training that she learned from wild horses. Carolyn helped Anneli develop the foundation of her education program with horses free through their natural herd rituals.

Anneli brought this concept to Sweden in 2014 and it is a registered trademark.

Anneli has been working as a trainer for over 15 years with training in various Horsemanship methods and classical dressage.

“However, I was constantly looking for a deeper and freer form of horse communication beyond Horsemanship. At Carolyn Resnick’s,  I found the path I had been looking for!

Carolyn Resnick from the documentary ”The path of the horse” have developed the rituals after years of observations of wild horses. She is the real founder of the concept Liberty Training and a completely  relationship-based horse training that I brought to Sweden in 2014 after Carolyn personally trained me individually on her ranch in the USA and helped me develop the foundation of my training  program.

I found Carolyn Resnick from the movie “The path of the horse.” In 2014 I went to Carolyn in USA f

or individual further education where Carolyn helped me develop my training program with the foundation of the herdrituals™  and further towards bitless dressage.

A relationship-based horse communication™ started with the horse completely free without tack, roundpens, pressure or coersion.  A life-changing journey with horses and personal development that leads to a spontaneous dance. This led me to create Truly Liberty!

The training of the horse continues forward in Work In Hand  and  Biteless classical dressage  based on the old classical/academic school with my concept  “The Art of Lightness™”, without pressure and release methods.

I have also taken courses for famous horse personalities such as Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling  and Frédéric Pignon.

Over the years I have taken courses in classical dressage within Philippe Karl’s “The School of Lightness” for his wife Bea Borelle, for Craig Stevens, in Manolo Mendez Dressage for Wellbeing, for Anja Beran in Classical Dressage, in Academic Equestrian Art and in the High School at Lusitano stallions in Portugal.

With the tools I received from masters and with my own experiences and ideas, I created my own concept Relationship-based Riding Art of Riding™, where you will learn how to begin your relationship with the horse from Liberty to Piaff  with The Art of Lightness™”. /AnneliWestlund


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