My philosophy is a relationship based horse communication from Liberty to Piaff without pressure-release methods, from Liberty to bitless Art of Riding. It’s a dominans free philosophy in which the horse is leading the process.

The philosophy is based on the freedom of the horse and the horse’s education begins with the horse free without tack, force, coercion, pressure or restriction, through natural herd rituals as the basis. These ‘ rituals ‘ based on the horses ‘ natural herd behaviour and private communication system to create connection, trust, respect, leadership and harmony in the herd.

We let the horse have its own choice without being forced to do anything against its will. It builds a deep bond with the horse that leads to a spontaneous dance. Working with horses without tack gives extraordinary results in less time and without coercion.

By giving horses freedom, they are most willing to give their consent freely because they naturally looking for companionship and someone to follow.

By natural herd rituals that are based on the horse’s own herd behaviors, we learn horse language and their communication system.

The philosophy is based on achieving a relationship with the horse and a nurturing leadership that the horse is drawn to. A philosophy to follow nature and to live in the moment with awareness.

The relationship with the horse is the core to riding in light transmission, feeling and ease. A training of the horse through a holistic approach to achieve unity and consensus from the original holistic integrated approach from ancient cultures.

The creation of this course develops a deep and trusting relationship between horse and human, and shows how to integrate this relationship into a meaningful work.

Equestrian art works to thinking, feeling and doing. We return to where two simple minds works – the horse and the rider’s. Former horse handler were rooted in nature and had a very strong contact with the instinctual mind.

We explore and try to reconnect us to this natural mind. The ancient understanding, first rewritten as far back as by Xenophon, provides the inspiration and origins of what became known as the classical horsemanship, academic riding and classical dressage.

The training is relationship and is based on a deep and authentic communication based on the relationship between mother and child, between the mare and foal and on authentic leadership. It is an unconditional love, kindness and softness that gives both the horse and rider terrestrial hot and confidence.

Basic work starts on the ground with horse free without tack and provides deeper connectedness, develops a natural communication on horses ‘ own language and give insights that assure a solid foundation from which we are making progress to higher level.

We learn to develop the feel and touch the horse in new ways and contact helps to deepen the relationship with the horse. The work will also help to solve the causes of problems.

By Liberty work, Work in hand and Bitless Art of Riding that follows is the idea of taking it slow and achieve a communion, where we let our love for the horse to be our guide and let us be guided to excellence. Not out of ambition, but by our kindness.

It is about to become whole. It is a conscious decision to slow down, reconnect and get to the conversation with the horse from a new yet ancient culture.

We begin to think differently and use our ancestors ‘ way of thinking and rise a bit outside our normal cultural and thought patterns. We learn to work without restrictions, pressure, discomfort, coercion or domination.

Carolyn Resnick from The movie “The path of the horse” has personally helped me develop the foundation of my education program in the US. It is my property and a registered trademark, all rights reserved.