I provide courses in Truly Liberty® and Relationship based Art of Riding® from Liberty to Piaff.

Due to the curcomstances, only online education.

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Relationship based Art of Riding

Liberty – In Hand – Bitless Classical Dressage

The relationship with the horse is the essence of riding with thoughts, feeling and lightness. An education of the horse through a holistic way of working to achieve unity and consensus from the original holistic view of ancient times.

The education is relationship-based and based on a deep relationship and authentic communication as the relationship between mother and child, as between the mare and the foal and on authentic leadership. It is an unconditional love, kindness and softness that gives both the horse and the rider groundedness and confidence. Read more about the philosophy.



The Herd Rituals™ is the foundation for everything you want to achieve with your horse.

Build your dream relationship with your horse WITHOUT tack, tools, tricks, treats, pressure or coersion.

Learn to dance with your horse at liberty.

The Herd Rituals is taught one on one off  my mentor Carolyn Resnick in California. She has helped me develop the foundation in my liberty program.

She lived in periods with wild horses as a child and leran their natural herd rituals and communication system.

She is the writer of the book ”Naked liberty ”and participate in the documentary movie ”The path of the horse”.




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